I’m a Latin Grammy Nominated Producer and multi-instrumentalist who is back in Canada after running a studio in Hollywood for many years. CLICK HERE to listen to samples of my work.

I’m offering a highly discounted rate for the time being at only $25 per hour. I’m very easy to work with and I’m super quick and efficient. Most people just bring lyrics or an idea and I take care of the rest.

If you are looking for the best, radio ready quality music in practically any style, I can help you achieve it. I’m highly experienced in getting big, fat sounding productions, just like all the hits you hear on the radio. My rate includes all of my services:

Music Production (full arrangement including all sounds from drums, synthesizers, sampled strings and more)

Mixing (I use a hybrid analog and digital setup for the ultimate results)

Recording (I have a small but effective setup in my living room with a great vocal mic and vintage analog console with superb preamps/eqs. The sound quality is top notch.)

Playing Live Instruments (guitar, bass and drums

Songwriting (I can help you craft a song from scratch, including chord arrangement, melodies, harmonies and more)

Film Scoring/Editing/Mixing

Some of my clients/projects:

Warner Music *Sony *BMG *Seal *Neville Brothers * The Children’s Place *Delta Airlines * Kool Keith (Black Elvis) * Colin James


The Genius Club (Tom Sizemore/Stephen Baldwin)

The Passion Of The Christ Documentary


Synthetic Rhyme 2013